Paintings for sale

I have a few oil on canvas landscape paintings for sale here. Each is priced and is mounted in a good quality frame.

Sunset over Lismore

This is 1m by 90cm approx and is priced at £750 including local delivery.

This next one is also a west coast sunset.

Anotger oil on canvas painting in a good quality frame.

Castle Stalker sunset is prices well for a 90cm by 80cm piece at £600 including local delivery.

Castle Stalker sunset

Work over the summer

This has been a combination of portraits, drawings of aircraft and planning of new landscape paintings. As well I have been taking lots of photographs for new compositions. As the year unfolds new work will emerge here

Airart rejected from GAVA Exhibition because of what if Scottish Airforce Colours

Wings over Scotland

So this piece is now available here as it was turned down even though lesser works did get into the exhibition.

It’s for sale at £595 from the website.

By this time next year these aircraft may we be in Scottish Government hands.

This already is an iconic and important artistic statement.

You could own it, contact me.

Courier delivered in secure packaging.

Art at Blend Cafe

I am grateful to Blend for taking 2 of my paintings and 10 prints for sale.

The paintings are A4 Pacific Golden Hind leaves Perth

price is £222

The second painting they have for sale is Sunset over Rig at Dundee and a steal at £175

I am so grateful to Blend, one of the best coffee shops in Perth, for showing my work.

is £175