The Future months

I have been spending a lot of time in Dundee Community Arts producing Digital prints of a lot of my work. There is purpose in this.

I have taken an exhibition space at The Big Shed on the Tay up in Highland Perthshire. It is an awesome space with workshop , kitchen living space as well as hanging facilities in the hall space. I have it for the month of March except the weekend 24 and 35th.

Watch for more details here and photos.

I intend having most of may airart plus most of my landscapes on show and for sale.

I am off to Glasgow Monday with 2 iconic air art paintings to present to MacGregor Fine Art Gallery for showing.

i am hopeful Iain will like them and have a spot to hang them.

More on this next week.

Art in Glasgow Gallery

I have had 4 of my paintings selected to be shown in the prestigious MacGregor Fine Art Gallery on Hope Street corner of West regent Street.

The 4 paintings going there today are,

Last Jaguars from Lossie;

Emirates Airbus 380 kisses the Moon

Tay Amber

Sunset over Loch Morlich

Tay Amber 

Most recent painting finished this week, and one from a few years back

this is a dramatic sea stack on the North West coast of Scotland. It was painted from several photographs taken by myself on what was one of those outstanding summer days with perfect light found in coastal areas.

I think I captured the light on the rock but you judge for yourself.


Below is another iconic landscape completed in 2016 after 2015 Amber Festival in Dunkeld where the 3 photos were taken on Wades bridge in an autumn day of outstanding atmospheric light.

I think again this comes through in the painting.