Latest batch of Prints mounted

This is the latest batch of prints mounted using custom mounts from Moonshine Framing , Penzance.

The quality of print and mount is museum standard and all prints are bagged in sealed one way view bags.

The top print of Hahei Beach Sunrise in sepia effect is priced at £45 as  limited edition 1 of 2 and the small prints are £12 each.

Hahei Beach sepia and Ordinary prints

This is a A3 size print in a mount.


Old Man of Storr

This is a postcard sized print at a reasonable price.


Sunset in Loch A’Choire

This is taken from a photo i took in 2013 while moored in this loch.


Use of Art in Meditation for Christmas period

I have been practicing Yoga, Meditation and mindfulness now for 3 and a half years. These practices help with flexibility of the body and mind. As well the latter two allow a balance of peace and calm from life which can fill you with stress and anxiety.

I share a couple of practices below which are about resolving conflict and differences we all have with close people, colleagues and even strangers.

Take a few moments to read and absorb them.

Loving Kindness and Tomglen
Ho to do a Loving Kindness

Digital Prints part 2

The other prints which are available are  ‘Tay Amber ‘ £40 Hahei Beach Sunrise £40, Loch Morlich Sunset (sepia effect) £35 each for Ltd Ed of 0nly 2.

Loch Morlich sunset normal light is priced at £30 for ltd Ed of 10 prints

Tay Amber
HaHei Beach Sunrise print
Sunset over Loch Morlich

Digital Prints are now priced and ready for purchase

I now have about 100 digital  prints of different paintings all of which are priced according to size and original price of the painting.

These three are small post card size prints and are priced at £12 each or £30 for all three.

Loch A ‘ Choire sunset

Loch in Morvern


Torridon Sunset

This is a very sought after print and am doing a larger version . currently I have postcard size at


Old Man of Storr

A print of a classic scene in Trotternish of North Skye


this one is an A4 mounted print 

Mykonos windmills is a double mounted print with a very good price of £25 per print

The Future months

I have been spending a lot of time in Dundee Community Arts producing Digital prints of a lot of my work. There is purpose in this.

I have taken an exhibition space at The Big Shed on the Tay up in Highland Perthshire. It is an awesome space with workshop , kitchen living space as well as hanging facilities in the hall space. I have it for the month of March except the weekend 24 and 35th.

Watch for more details here and photos.

I intend having most of may airart plus most of my landscapes on show and for sale.

I am off to Glasgow Monday with 2 iconic air art paintings to present to MacGregor Fine Art Gallery for showing.

i am hopeful Iain will like them and have a spot to hang them.

More on this next week.