Art at Blend Cafe

I am grateful to Blend for taking 2 of my paintings and 10 prints for sale.

The paintings are A4 Pacific Golden Hind leaves Perth

price is £222

The second painting they have for sale is Sunset over Rig at Dundee and a steal at £175

I am so grateful to Blend, one of the best coffee shops in Perth, for showing my work.

is £175


I have had several approaches about this and am happy to consider anyone’s idea.

the last 2 put to me were very do able and am just waiting on the people firming up the ideas and sending me the photos.

So pricing for this is custom and based on research size of painting and hence time involved. I can do a finished canvas for you to find a framer. Or I can price for the complete creation from idea to finished framed painting.

The choice is yours.

Get in touch by leaving a message here with your email address and I will reply.